Why choose Heidi & co as your neighborhood pet store?

Heidi and Co, your Rosemont neighborhood pet store!

For unique products for dogs and cats in Rosemont!


Indeed, at Heidi & cie, there is a difference compared to chain pet stores. There are more and more chain pet stores in Quebec, such as Chico, Mondou, Pattes et Griffes, Pitou Minou et Compagnons, etc. And, let’s face it, there are fewer and fewer independent pet stores in Montreal.

Heidi & co is your neighborhood pet store in Rosemont

Heidi is an Independent Neighborhood Pet Store on Masson Street in Montreal

Heidi & cie is also one of the oldest independent pet stores for dogs and cats with two locations in the Montreal area; one on Masson Street in Rosemont and the other in Longueuil.

You’ll find everything for your dog, cat, or small animals.

A Pet Store Without Animal Sales from Day One

We have never sold animals and never will! In fact, we advocate for adoption as hundreds of animals are looking for a family. If you want a puppy, look for a responsible and ethical breeder!

Healthy Food

We offer healthy kibble or raw food for puppies, adult dogs, seniors, as well as kittens and adult cats at our Masson Street pet shop. The major brands of complete food we have chosen offer good value for money and are suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats.

Holostic Dog food at Heidi'S & co Rosemont

Kibble for Dogs and Cats at your neighborhood pet store on Masson Street in Rosemont

Kibble Brands for Dogs and Cats:

  • Acana
  • Boréal
  • CaniSource (Grand Cru)
  • Nutrience Care+ (veterinary type food)
  • Farmina (for specific needs similar to veterinary formulas)
  • FirstMate
  • Fromm (Classic, GOLD, and Four Star)
  • go!
  • Horizon (Legacy, Pulsar, & Taïga)
  • Lifetime
  • now fresh
  • Nutram
  • Nutrience
  • Orijen
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Valens

Rosemont Heidi & Co Raw food

Raw Food at Heidi & co on Masson Street

Raw Food Brands for Dogs and Cats:

  • Aliments crus 5 étoiles
  • Big Country Raw (full range)
  • Faim Museau
  • Formula Raw
  • Karnivor
  • Pür Evolution

Note that for kibble, some manufacturers such as Acana, Fromm, go!, Lifetime, or Pulsar offer grain-free or grain-inclusive formulas.

Specialized Food

Brands like Nutrience Care+ or Farmina offer targeted kibble formulations similar to those prescribed by veterinarians. We also have food and a selection of hay for small animals.

Dietary Supplements

At Heidi on Masson Street, your neighborhood pet store, we have several supplements to improve coat health and maintain or even enhance your loyal companion’s health.

Grooming and Care Products

We also offer grooming and care products for your four-legged friend; shampoo, detangling lotion from recognized brands such as AnimasoinBio or PEKE SECRET (for dogs and cats), as well as brushes, combs, rakes, and nail clippers.

Parasite Control

We carry Advantage II (for fleas) and Advantix II (for fleas and ticks). In addition to products such as lotions, fine combs, and diatomaceous earth for natural flea elimination.

Dog Accessories

Along with food for our canine friends, we have a wide selection of treats, cushions, bowls, collars, leashes, long lines, harnesses, and a multitude of toys! Not to mention all the essential hygiene products.

Treats, Litter, and Accessories for Cats

For our feline friends, you will also find treats and accessories such as litter boxes, high-quality litters like OdourLock, Simple, CatSens… You might discover a scratching post, a cat tree, the perfect toy, catnip, a harness, or bowls to delight your favorite feline friend!

Visit your Rosemont Neighborhood Pet Store Heidi & co!

Come to our addresses to discover a wide variety of food and accessories for your pet.

Our Addresses:

Heidi Rosemont: 3764 Masson Street, Montreal. 514.903.8073

Our Rosemont Pet Store Hours

Our Address on Montreal’s South Shore:

Heidi Longueuil: 1270 Sainte-Hélène Street, Longueuil. 450.616.2267