Holistic foods for cats and dogs

Healthy Dog and Cat Food Brands at Heidi & co

At Heidi & co on Masson Street, we have carefully selected each brand of food offered in our pet store for the well-being of your pet.

Our Main Brands for Properly Feeding Your Dogs and Cats

Nourriture holistique en croquettes pour chiens et chats à ROsemont

Kibble Brands at Heidi in Rosemont

The Canadian brand Acana is made in Alberta, mostly from local ingredients. These kibbles offer formulations for dogs and cats in different varieties, such as grain-free, formulations suitable for different life stages, with healthy grains, high-protein formulas (meat blends), formulations for dogs with food sensitivities with limited ingredients, or the Classic series for a better cost. As you can see, the range is really large, and it’s not easy to compare them just by brand name. Come meet us to discuss and discover Acana in Rosemont at our Masson Street store.

We mainly have Boréal cat food but also some formulas for dogs. However, all Boréal formulations can be ordered from our Montreal store.

CaniSource is a dehydrated food for dogs and cats made with human-grade certified ingredients. We have several CaniSource formulas in Rosemont in-store for dogs and cats.

Nutrience Care+ (Veterinary Type)
Find Nutrience Care+ food at Heidi in Rosemont! It’s an excellent range of specialized kibble or canned food for cats and dogs. We love that it’s made with quality ingredients, and these formulations meet specific needs such as sensitive skin and stomach, weight management, dental formula, calm and comfort (dog), hairball control (cat), and urinary care (cat). We can also order all other Nutrience products as special orders.

The Italian holistic food Farmina for dogs and cats, available in our Rosemont pet store, is a premium product with recipes developed by veterinary teams.

FirstMate food from British Columbia for dogs and cats in kibble offers unique formulations, some with limited ingredients.

We are proud to offer Fromm food for dogs and cats at our Masson Street pet store. We have excellent grain and grain-free recipes in the Classic (one of the best value for money), GOLD, or Four Star ranges. We also have to say that the canned food for dogs is quite exceptional!

The Canadian holistic food by Petcurean, go! for dogs and cats, has been offered at Heidi & cie for several years, and it’s simply exceptional food. Among its solutions, classified into three main families, we stock Carnivore (unusual protein blends), Sensitivities (perfect for allergy cases), and Skin & Coat (well balanced with healthy grains). In fact, even if you find several go! formulations in our Montreal pet store, they can all be obtained at Heidi as special orders.

Horizon Pet Food (Legacy, Pulsar, and Taiga)
Often rated as the best holistic dog food in various forums, the Legacy, Pulsar, and Taiga ranges made by Horizon pet food indeed offer excellent value for money.

The Taiga range with chicken or pork is an incredible economical solution for large dogs.
The Pulsar for dogs of all sizes, with its five flavors, offers great value while providing variety to the menu.
Finally, Legacy is Horizon’s premium formula.

This is a range of wheat-free, corn-free, and by-product-free food with excellent value for money. In fact, it competes with many brands found in big chains, grocery stores, or even pharmacies!

now fresh
This food is made by Petcurean from fresh ingredients! It is available for cats and dogs.

This Canadian food range for dogs and cats has long been a wise choice. On their website, you can find the most suitable food for your pet through a questionnaire represented by a #Nutram!

From Champion Pet Food, which also makes Acana, the Orijen line for dogs and cats has been offered at Heidi in Rosemont since our opening. In fact, it is the highest protein and premium line of the brand.

Oven-Baked Tradition
Made in Quebec, Oven-Baked Tradition food for dogs and cats is increasingly popular and is available in our Montreal pet store. The range is very large, with food for puppies, kittens, adult dogs, and cats in grain and grain-free variants.

Taste of the Wild
Good food made in the USA with well-developed formulations for dogs and cats. All recipes are available as special orders if not in-store.

Valens is another food that is increasingly seen in forums as the best choice. Its uniqueness lies in Vita cubes, freeze-dried meat, to enhance palatability for picky dogs or cats.

Nourriture crue chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson

Raw Food at Heidi & co on Masson Street

Raw Food Brands in Montreal for Dogs and Cats at Heidi & cie

Just like dry food, there are significant differences between raw foods available on the market. We have chosen brands whose recipes are consistent and well-balanced over time, unlike cheaper brands that vary from batch to batch.

Aliments Crus 5 Étoiles
Made in Quebec, the recipes from Aliments Crus 5 Étoiles are available at our Montreal pet store. They are the most affordable formulations and are sold in 10 lb formats. This company does not invest in packaging, which keeps prices more competitive.

Big Country Raw
For the greatest variety of raw meat products, it’s Big Country Raw! Varied recipes ranging from meals with fruits and vegetables (for dogs), through Signature protein blends (dog or cat), to pure formulas (dogs or cats). These raw foods are very useful for food allergies. To save, there are Grab & Go packs of 12 lb, 18 lb, and the new XL of 30 lb. Big Country Raw also offers raw bones, goat milk, and exceptional dietary supplements.

Faim Museau
A great range of raw food for dogs and cats, Faim Museau is made in Quebec and sold in 6 lb bags.

Formula Raw
We are happy with the return of Formula Raw at Heidi on Masson Street. Made in the Montreal area, the raw meat recipes are complete or, if cheaper, in pure formulas. They also make freeze-dried food and treats.

The first raw food we sold at Heidi & cie is Karnivor! It is indeed more expensive, but the recipes are simply exceptional!

Pür Évolution
Another great range of raw food for dogs and cats made in Quebec is Pür Évolution. It is available in different formulations in 4 kg bags, 10 kg boxes, or 30 lb bags!

In fact, it is one of the most popular raw food brands in our Rosemont pet store.

As you can see, we are specialized in dog and cat food, whether raw or kibble!

Come visit us at 3764 Masson Street in Montreal.

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