What is the Rosemont pet store to discover?

It’s Heidi & cie, located at 3764 Masson Street.

Your Ethical Pet Store in Montreal


Heidi is your store for Dogs & Cats in Rosemont/Petite-Patrie since 15 years!

We do not sell animals because we promote adoption!

Hundreds of dogs and cats looking for a good family in shelters…

Why should you adopt an animal?

Heidi et cie du 3764 rue Masson à Montréal
Litières et Jouets chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson
Acessoires chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson
Nourriture pour chats chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson
Nourritures pour chiens chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson
Nourriture pour chien chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson
Nourriture crue chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson
Nourritures sèches et crues chez Heidi & cie de la rue Masson
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Of course, there are several pet stores in Montreal, but Heidi & cie is a unique, independent pet store worth discovering!

Catherine Landry
Catherine Landry
Propriétaire très sympathique et aidant!
Julie Paquet
Julie Paquet
J'aime cette animalerie parce qu'ils ont la nourriture adaptée pour mon chat qui a des intolérances alimentaires. Ils donnent de bons conseils et pes prix me semblent raisonnables. Bon choix de viandes crues pour chats.
Liette Rajotte
Liette Rajotte
Toujours accueillant avec nos pitous !
Valerie Gaudreau
Valerie Gaudreau
Commerce local avec beaucoup de variété! J'y suis toujours bien conseillée. Le propriétaire m'accomode puisque j'ai besoin d'acheter en plus grande quantité que ce qui est offert en magasin. Et à bien meilleur prix que le grand détaillant ou j'allais avant! Je le recommande fortement!


You will find a good selection of well-known brands in Healthy Food for our dogs and cats!

At Heidi’s, we have selected only the best healthy brands of dry kibble for dogs and cats in our stores. Note that many of these brands offer grain-free alternatives.

We are also specialized in raw food for dogs and cats!

Discover our brands of kibble, raw food, or canned food.

The brands we stock cover all breeds of dogs at all life stages. Whether it’s a puppy, an adult dog of small or large breed, or a senior dog, we will find the right food and a complete diet.

The same goes for kittens, adult cats, or seniors.

For Small Animals and Birds

For guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, rats, mice, and birds, you will find appropriate food and specialized hay. The main brand we offer is Oxbow.

Healthy Treats for Dogs, Cats, and Small Animals

To top it all off, we offer a wide range of healthy treats and chew products such as bones, beef sticks, pork rolls, or raw bones!

In terms of treats, many of the brands in the store are produced right here in Quebec! Think of Nez pour Courir, Tod & Paul, Pür Evolution, and Formula Raw.


Throughout our pet’s life, there are times when adding dietary supplements (minerals and vitamins) or supplements (such as omega-3) becomes necessary. We mainly have supplements from the brands LivStrong, Omega Alpha, Patte d’eau bio, Pür Evolution, and thrive. These supplements are for dogs and/or cats!


Heidi is proud to offer you a range of quality pet accessories.

First, the Bowsers Beds, made in Canada. They are beautiful and durable! For all sizes, from small dogs to large dogs.

Also, check out the Arico cushion for medium and large dogs!

In addition to bowls, leather or fabric collars and leashes, there are, of course, harnesses including the superb Comfort Flex, the Fidèle canin harnesses, or those from Chien Blanc which make walking much more enjoyable! For training and practicing recall with our canine friends, we also have specialized long leashes and harnesses.

The same goes for your feline friend. Collars, harnesses, and leashes are available, as well as transport cages.

In the store, you can discover our range of accessories for dogs, cats, and rodents…


You will find a nice selection of toys including those from Kong, JWpet, Schum-tug, the beautiful and durable West Paw, and Tuffy…

You are sure to find the perfect toy for your pet!

And for felines, there are scratching posts, cat trees, catnip, fun toys, and a wide selection of quality litter.

Everything you need to make our pets happy!


We also specialize in canicross equipment with products from Akko Sports, Winterson sports, or Nahak available in-store.


We have Advantage II and Advantix II flea and tick products in-store.

Only Advantix will protect against ticks, but this product cannot be administered to a cat. Therefore, if there is a cat at home, for our dog, we can only use Advantage II for fleas.

To get rid of parasites, there are also natural products like lotions and diatomaceous earth, which work well with a good flea comb but require more effort.


Animasoin Bio offers the best care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and lotions for cats and dogs!

Several types of shampoo are available to suit different coats, hair types, and skin conditions.

It’s no wonder more and more grooming salons are using them!


We also offer high-end care products from PEKE SECRET in-store.

You will also find, from the Hunter brand, coat conditioners with mink oil or lanolin.

In-store, you will discover our complete range of hygiene products for dogs and cats.


Come visit us to discover our selection of pet food and our full range of pet products. And bring your leashed dog; we’d be happy to meet them!

We are happy to meet you at our Heidi pet store on Masson Street!